Get ready for a showdown

Prove you're the fastest gun in this massive Wild West battle royale!

About The Game

In GRIT's Wild West, the fastest draw isn't always enough to make sure you're the one riding off into the sunset. Meet other players on the dusty plains or at high noon on the streets of a frontier boomtown.

Run and gun, or hijack the last train out of town - but remember, sometimes there's no running from the coming calamity.


Battle Royale


Team Grit





Battle Royale Action

The saloon table spills onto the streets as wildcards keep every match fresh and unique. Collect the weapon cards you need for your style, or risk your old trusty guns to try for a winning hand.

Generative Characters

Play as an entirely unique character and customize their look. Generative Hero NFTs allow you to own your gunslinger and access cosmetic loadout slots, increased earning potential, and more.

The Old West

Hold onto your hat and fight off enemies all over the frontier to prove that you have enough GRIT for the Wild West.

Battle Royale

Epic battles with the meanest cowboys and gun fighters around. Play with your friends or hop in as a lone gunslinger.

F2P and NFT

Play for free and earn based on your success. Unlock more earning potential with a Generative Hero or a Battlepass.

Join The Fray

Strap on your big iron! Play GRIT on Epic!

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